Hair tuck – new trend. How to style your hair?

Ombre, stencil, brocade a now hair tuck. What are they? These are names of currently the most popular trends in hairdressing. Many hair lovers uses this methods of hair stylisation. Let’s see what hair tuck is.

hair-tuck.jpgThe greatest fashion designers endorsed trend that will certainly stay in the hair lovers community for a long time.

We talk about hair tuck, i.e. hiding hair streaks behind the collar of the shirt, turtleneck, scarf or necklace. This hair style can be created in a matter of seconds. How can we encourage you to try this hair style? If your hair are long and you would want to change something in your appearance, then hair tuck is for you. You neither do not have to cut or layer your hair nor change their colour. Remember to protect ends against damages before placing them behind the collar or scarf. How to do that? Make a waterfall braid at the hair ends. You can also apply hair conditioner or leave-in mask. Rub cosmetic thoroughly in the streaks, so that applied product wouldn’t mess the clothes.

Hair tuck is a name of yet another hair style. To create it you will need headband and few hair grips. Put on the headband, then place hair streaks behind it; the longest streaks wrap few times for the decoration. To finish the hair style, provide it with the best possible shape and put on the hair grips. Raise hair at the top of the head and make sure that the new hair style gains the looked-for shape. Apply hair spray.

Hair tuck is a modern and elegant hair style both in the first and second version. If you care for your hair to be beautiful and strong, then before proceeding with the hair tuck apply cosmetic oil, conditioner or hair mask. Hair will rub against the clothes, what can lead to damages. If you are a regular with this hair style, hair cuticles can start to raise, hair will become deprived of gloss and volume and you can suffer from fly-away hair and frizz.