Sea snake oil for hair care. Way of getting stronger hair.

What is the weirdest substance of hair-strengthening action you’ve heard about? If you think about rubbing an egg yolk or a smelling like chicken soup fenugreek is the strangest methods of bringing life back to hair than you’re wrong. Meet the features of sea snake oil.

pielegnacja-wlosow.jpgTurkish outdoor markets amaze with their diversity. While strolling among the stalls, we came across (completely by accident!) a substance named sea snake oil.

Such an exotic product can be found while searching for some kind of natural products designed for hair care. The market booths are full of colourful packages. Especially in the Middle East the range of hair oils is really wide.

Among carrot, sweet apple, avocado, cinnamon or cotton oils, we can came across really bizarre hair care products. Although the previously mentioned substances seem to be odd enough, sea snake oil seems to be even more, let’s say, peculiar.

Sea snake oil – characteristics

This is a totally natural product that, according to the producer, doesn’t cause any irritation. Unfortunately, if we would like to learn something more about the composition of sea snake oil, then there is no use in reading all the labels the product carries because not much can be learnt from them. Luckily enough, the manner of obtaining sea snake oil is not a secret because this technique was described in medical magazines many times. What can be learnt form these articles?

Sea snake oil is a traditional Chinese product that is extracted from, as it is not hard to foresee, sea snakes. The procedure can be compared to obtaining fish oil. Chinese folk medicine has been familiar with the features of sea snake oil from thousands of years. Unfortunately, the product called sea snake oil is a completely different substance in the Middle East. In most cases, it is a simple combination of many valuable for hair care oils.

Which oils can be bound in sea snake oil?

– sweet almond oil,
– sesame oil,
– castor oil,
– etheric oils (i.e. lavender).

Sea snake oil – application

Providing that we are keen on applying odd substances to our hair, sea snake oil will be a perfect preparation that can be used for hair care. It is believed to counteract hair loss and accelerate hair growth. It is recommended for weak hair, which falls out too excessively or grow too slowly. Moreover, sea snake oil is able to eliminate dandruff, relieve dehydrated scalp as it helps soothe other irritation.