Hair like the works of art. Hair styles inspired by famous paintings.

Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Edward Munch, Gustav Klimt. Do you know what these famous painters have in common with hairdressing? If not, it is time to meet newest trends of this season. Instagram was taken over by the works of Ursula Goff who was inspired by the greatest works of art.

ursula-goff.jpgA hairdresser from Kansas has decided to reproduce the most famous paintings on… hair.

The task was undertaken by Ursula Goff, who for several years now, creates amazingly original and interesting hair styles. The inspiration for the project became art works of Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Edward Munch and Gustav Klimt. Colours from such painting like “The Scream” or “The Starry Night” were used to create unusual hair styles. As a result, on hair of Ursula Goff’s clients you can see vivid red, shimmering yellow and juicy green colours. Where do the idea to “reproduce” the paintings on hair came from? The woman claims that hairdressing is an art. What is more, Ursula Goff in a young age was attending painting lessons, that impacted her career and direction of her present work.

Do you know other works of this talented hairdresser? Ursula Goff on her blog shared pictures of hair styles in the most beautiful colours. There can be observed rainbow highlights, stencil hair, reproduction of Marylin Monroe and other famous people pictures, or pop art hair style. Furthermore, Ursula Goff on hair blog gives advises on how to take care of hair. Therefore, she wants you to remember to moisturise hair after colourisation, because it is very important. This is why, for everyday hair care, you should use cosmetics that regenerate hair, take care of the colour and prevent split ends. You may use hair masks, conditioners and hair oils. For hair wash use shampoos dedicated for dyed hair. On the scalp apply herbal lotions to avoid irritations.