The best hair oil - Choose the right!

Hair oils are conquering the cosmetic industry. Beauty products containing chemicals are being replaced with oil formulas. More and more cosmetic companies are adding natural oils in their products.

The tradition of applying oils to the hair and the skin has come from the Middle East. Indian and Arab women have been performing oiling hair treatment for a very long time. They owe their beauty to nothing else but oils. They still use it in hair and skin care. Thanks to natural ingredients, their hair is long, strong and shiny. Asian women are the authors of all methods of oiling hair.

What is hair oiling?

We are discussing the origin of oiling hair treatment but we should also mention one crucial thing: what does it consist in? Oiling hair is very common and described by most bloggers but nobody gives a precise definition of the treatment. If we decide to use hair oils, we must know the most essential things.

OILING HAIR TREATMENT – method of hair care which uses plant oils extracted in low temperatures (from local and exotic plants). There are several ways of applying the oil to hair but the purpose is one: improve health and appearance of hair with valuable substances included in the oil.

Hair oils and their properties

We must say clearly about the benefits of oiling hair. Hair oils are extraordinary sources of essential unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (e.g. E and group B), minerals, antioxidants and additional ingredients. Our hair needs these substances as they provide: nourishing, repair, moisture, rejuvenation, softness, suppleness, strength, shine and improved condition (even in case of very damaged hair or affected by dandruff).

The choice of a proper oil is extremely important. Many women pick oils at random because they don’t know the properties of oils and most of all they don’t know what is suitable for their hair. Lots of cosmetics based on oils have been created for those who like to have ready-made oil mixtures at their fingertips. We are presenting the best ones.

Nanoil - all hair types oil

1. Nanoil Hair Oil

The composition of the best natural oils and additional active ingredients. All components correspond to the characteristic hair structure. Nanoil Hair Oil has been created in three versions for low, medium and high porosity hair. The only hair product that …

2. Pure Ayurvedic Vitalising Hair Oil (Khadi)

It offers organic certificate and is based on Ayurvedic complex of Indian hair oils. It is a light formula offering a very strong oriental fragrance. It has been enriched with seed oils and plant extracts. Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil is …
nanoil argan oil


This is the purest argan oil of all. Deprived of silicones, parabens and synthetic substances. It’s worth realizing that argan oil is known for the spectacular effects it is able to produce – for this reason it is recognized as the finest and …

4. OI OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion (Davines)

Multitasking oil for all hair types. Davines OI OIL with roucou oil provides complex care and repair as well as enhances styling. Minimalism is visible both on the packaging and in the ingredients. Absolute Beautifying Potion contains only two oils, …

5. 100% Argan Oil (John Masters Organics)

The cosmetic is based on one ingredient – 100% argan oil without any additional substances. It smells of nuts with a slight herbal note. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It has a delicate colour …

7. Super Gold Marula 100% (Pharmavitta)

The main ingredient of the cosmetic is “vanishing oil” – marula oil. In spite of small capacity (30 ml), straw-coloured oil in a glass bottle holds out very long. If you apply it regularly in small amounts, it delivers maximum …

8. Pure Care Dry Oil Restorative Treatment (Dove)

A heavy glass vial conceals an amber formula of very strong fragrance. It has been designed for mature hair which needs repair, moisture, strength and improved condition. The basic ingredients of Pure Care Dry Oil Restorative Treatment are: an Anatolian …

9. Gliss Kur Ultimate Color Oil Elixir (Schwarzkopf)

Golden oil for colour-treated hair and highlights captured in a very handy plastic bottle – Gliss Kur Ultimate Color Oil Elixir (Schwarzkopf). It has been designed for hair that needs repair and strength after the colourisation. The cosmetic is saturated …

To sum up…

We may choose a suitable hair oil but an improper application may prevent you from enjoying beautiful hair. We have already answered a question about the best hair oil. Now, we can discuss the methods of oiling hair. Although every cosmetic has its directions of use, there are some fixed rules.

There are three basic methods of oiling hair treatment:

  1. Dry hair oiling – apply the oil to hair before washing, leave on for a dozer or so, or several dozens of minutes so that the valuable substances can penetrate inside the hair; then wash your hair and protect it with an extra cosmetic.
  2. Wet hair oiling – in this case apply oils which have larger particles as rinsing hair with warm water helps to open the cuticles and it is easier to absorb substances provided by the oil. This method can be used before or after washing. Depending on the oiliness of the hair oil, you can wash your hair afterwards or let the oil absorb and dry off.
  3. Oiling in a bowl – you make a water-oil mixture and dip your hair in it; water works as a basis whereas the oils provide nutritional ingredients. Oiling hair in a bowl is thought to be the most effective method.

You don’t have to stick to these three defined ways of application – you can modify them so that they meet your own needs. It is similar to hair oils which we should choose according to individual needs with trial and error method. For example, if you don’t want to oil the entire length of hair, you can rub the oil in the scalp only or apply it exclusively to hair ends.

Freedom of choice is the biggest asset of oiling hair treatment. Finding a proper hair product containing numerous valuable plant oils is crucial. Obviously, an application method, additional substances among the ingredients, a handy container, action and effectiveness are also important. The above ranking provides you with all the necessary information. Find your ideal!