Stencil – new hair colourisation trend

janine-ker.jpgThe Internet went crazy over new hair colourisation technique. Stencil, because this the subject here, is a must-try of every hair-lover. What is this colourisation technique based on? Read below article to find out, how this freaky trend came to life.

Stencil is commonly used by graffiti artists. By tracing a specific shape, very easily on the wall or any other surface is formed a painting, unfortunately, not always associated with art. This is a technique used by a famous artist, Banksy. But, what do the graffiti have in common with hairdressing? Well, hair stylists are now using stencils to create on hair an incredible paintings. As it turns out, pixelated hair, ombre and brocade parting have yielded to more complicated drawings.

What is stencil colourisation based on?

Hair colourisation with use of stencils is a sort of hairdressing graffiti. The hairdresser places on the given streaks cardboard stencils representing geometrical patterns, plants or other shapes. Then, with a brush, hairdresser applies paint in various colours and after given time streaks are washed. Did you know that stencil colourisation can be performed at home? And you do not even need professional stencils. Use a lace or a pattern cut in the piece of paper. Always dye only perfectly straight hair; on curled hair, shape will deform. And how do the professionals do it?

One of hairdressers who started stencil hair trend was Janine Ker from Salon Aguayo. She is a hair colourisation champion and the best hair stylist. How does J. Ker do it? First, the hairdresser, on the paper, prepares initial draft of what she wants to achieve on hair. Then, very thoroughly she transmit it to the stencil; everything is handmade. After few minutes, new hair style is ready and its owner can enjoy the most fashionable hair style.