100% Argan Oil (John Masters Organics)

The cosmetic is based on one ingredient – 100% argan oil without any additional substances. It smells of nuts with a slight herbal note. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It has a delicate colour and light consistency thus absorbs quickly. 100% Argan Oil John Masters Organics provides multidimensional action. It is ideal for damaged and weak hair as well as for hair affected by the first signs of ageing.



  • main ingredient – valuable argan oil
  • light and fast absorbing formula
  • complex action
  • precise pipette
  • glass bottle
  • quite high price
  • short shelf life


Pure argan oil is a precious substance used by Moroccan women for ages. Argan oil comes from Morocco and John Masters Organics has decided to use this ingredient in the cosmetic. The brand tries to create its cosmetics in accordance with nature, which is reflected in the quality of its products. 100% Argan Oil John Masters is an excellent example.

There is no point in elaborating on the product. As the name suggests – it contains exclusively pure argan oil. It is not a disadvantage. After all, products with fewer ingredients are often much better. Too many substances can cause nothing but harm.

Simple and natural cosmetics are valuable.

What are the substances of John Masters oil?

  • john-masters-organicsnatural argan oil (exclusively)

Formula, based exclusively on liquid gold of Morocco – Argania tree oil, is a great asset of the cosmetic. It means that John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil can be applied to hair as well as to the body, face or nails. However, we are comparing hair oils so we should focus on them. Argan oil is one of the best natural products used in hair care.

100% Argan Oil John Masters Organics is a complex cosmetic due to the properties of argan oil. Natural oil, extracted from the nuts of Argania tree, is the source of omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin of youth (E) which provide strong moisturising, regenerating and protecting action. John Masters Argan Oil makes hair softer and more resilient as well as hinders ageing processes so the strands keep healthy and strong.

John Masters Organics 100%Argan Oil comes in a dark glass bottle which protects the natural substance from the harmful effects of the light. The cosmetic is free from preservatives thus proper storage is important. The product should be used up within six months after opening. It doesn’t seem long in comparison with other cosmetics. When it comes to the packaging, it is a bit unpractical – the bottle may slip out and break easily.

We should say a few words about the formula. John Masters natural argan oil is straw-coloured and has a light consistency as it belongs to the penetrating oils. You need a small amount to cover the hair evenly. Thanks to the black pipette, the application is easier whereas 100% Argan Oil John Masters – very efficient. The fragrance is untypical – like a fresh nut peel.