Things you should know about dry shampoos.

Is your hair greasy, not fresh, lifeless and styling takes hours but it still looks flat and dull? Are you running late for work and have no time to wash your hair? Fortunately, you do not need to worry anymore, there is a perfect solution to such problem. This brilliant product will save your time and make your hairstyle look beautiful even if you washed hair a couple of days ago.

beauty.jpgRice starch, corn or potato starch are the main components of dry shampoos. It is this white powder that prolongs the life of your hairstyle.

The product absorbs excess sebum, impurities, odours, and lifts the hair at the roots and makes it soft. How to use a dry shampoo? First of all, carefully comb your hair and part it where you want to spray the product. For better results, part your hair in a few places. Next, wait a few minutes and brush out any remains of the product or gently wipe it with a dry towel. The effect of fresh and clean hair will remain for one day. Then, make sure to wash everything thoroughly to get rid of the product. Not sure which one to choose? The cosmetic market offers a wide range of products prolonging hair freshness. The biggest hit of this season are tinted dry shampoos. What does it mean? Basically they are colour-matched to the shade of your hair. The most popular products among hairmaniacs are: Batiste Dry Shampoo, Aussie Beach Mate and Dove Refresh + Care.

How exactly does it work? First of all, it adds volume. Apply the cosmetic at the base of your strands, wait a moment and then comb your hair or wipe it with a towel with your head facing down. This allows your hair to gain volume, the strands will slightly lift upwards and become twice as thick. It is a great alternative for those who are not big fans of backcombing. Secondly, facilitates styling and prolongs hairstyle. Dry shampoo works like a hairspray, but does not stick hair. In the evening, spray your wisps and make some braids or small buns at the top of the head. In the morning you will wake up with curls. You might as well apply the product on curled hair in order to extend its durability. Thirdly, refreshes your bangs. Apply dry shampoo along your hair line where your fringe is. Bangs will not lay flat on the forehead, but will become light and soft. Fourthly, shapes hairstyle. If you have difficulties when creating a bun or doing any other hairstyle, dry shampoo will help. Spray your unruly strands, and it will be much easier to style and you will be able to enjoy beautiful hair throughout the day.