How to style our hair this autumn? A few ideas for trendy hairdos.

beauty.jpgYou were probably wondering how to quickly arrange your hair and look elegant. You will surely appreciate the fact that simple and well-groomed hair will be number one hits this season. See yourself how to properly take care of your wisps. Check what hairstyles will be fashionable this fall.

Curls and waves.

The autumn season gentle waves, small springs and crisp curls will be on the top. In order to fix your hairdo, maintain curls and improve the texture of hair, you must use specific cosmetics. For example, you can reach for shampoos dedicated to wavy hair, conditioner that adds volume or serum for curly hair. If you use these products regularly, you may find that mousses and hairsprays will no longer be needed. Did you know that wavy strands are very susceptible to styling? If you want to give it a more expressive shape, just wind it on foam curlers. To increase the volume of hair, blow-dry with a diffuser.


Ponytails will be very fashionable this fall. Tie your hair just above the neck with a loose wristband or coloured ribbon. They are suitable for smoothly combed hair, parted on the side or in the middle of the head or to wavy strands. For styling, use soothing, moisturising and regenerating preparations. There will be no need to use mousses, gels and other fixative cosmetics. Ponytails are suitable for every occasion. They are ideal for work and for an elegant occasion.

Buns and knots.

This hairstyle suits both a simple dress and an office uniform. Buns can be tied on the top of the head, on the side or just above the neck. You can make it with both straight and curly hair. Smaller wisps secure with bobby pins or coloured ornaments. Fix your hairdo with a hairspray. Additionally, use cosmetics of recovering or smoothing properties. Furthermore, a knot made of two thick braids looks very glamorous. Such hairstyle will look perfect on nourished and regenerated hair. How to make it? Tie your hair in a ponytail, then, divide it into two parts. Next, make a knot out of them and secure the rest of sticking out hair with bobby pins.