How to increase hair volume?

Thin, delicate and greasy hair? are you one of those people who constantly struggle with such problems? No need to worry anymore. Fortunately there is means to win the battle for beautiful hair. Try out two components, silica and bamboo powder. They will make your hair increase its volume and always look fresh.

beauty.jpgSilica is a mineral, which is often added to powdered cosmetics.

It absorbs excess sebum, regulates the sebaceous glands, keeps the skin in proper condition. Bamboo powder perfectly preserves make-up, it prevents face from shining in the T-zone and provides soothing effects. Did you know that silica and bamboo powder are also useful in hair care? They will be especially essential for those girls who have thin, greasy hair without volume.

The method of increasing volume with the use of silica is recommended mainly for blonde hair. This white powder will be less visible on such colour. Right after washing, apply the ingredient and gently rub it to the roots. Lower your head down and blow-dry your hair in this position. What are the effects? The mineral will lightly lift up the wisps. In addition, sebaceous glands will not produce so much sebum, allowing you to enjoy fresh hairstyle for longer. However, prepare yourself for the application. You must devote some more time to distribute the product and thoroughly dry it. Did you know that a hair conditioner combined with silica powder works even better? Blend the two ingredients very well and pour into a container with an atomiser. Then, spray your hair roots with the mixture and style using a round brush.

What is more, you can as well apply some silica or bamboo powder on your brush and thoroughly comb hair. Remember to distribute the product evenly. Similar effects can be obtained by using potato, rice or corn starch. All of the components will successfully replace a dry shampoo. Thanks to them, your hair will gain double volume, it will be fresh and lightweight.