Coffee hair rinse. The power of nourishment in a small grain.

Most of us love coffee for the energy that it gives us and the aroma that puts us in a good mood. Many people cannot imagine their morning without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. A lot of women cannot imagine their hair treatment without the use of coffee.

beauty.jpgCoffee hair rinse has become a real hit in the recent months. It is all because of the great return to natural methods of care.

Because of running out of all available options in terms of natural oils and beneficial herbs, women were forced to seek for help in other products. Therefore, coffee has become their favourite ingredient of many homemade beauty products.

So far, coffee has been used in a form of scrubs as a homemade way of fighting cellulite. Such scrubs work great, they firm and smooth the skin. However, now comes the time to take advantage of coffee in hair car as well. How does it work? Excellently!

How does coffee work on your hair?

– Stimulates skin micro-circulation,

– Nourishes and strengthens the roots,

– Prevents excessive hair loss,

– Boosts hair growth,

– Adds shine and smooths,

– Warms and slightly darkens the colour.

Many women might be frightened by the fact that coffee rinse can darken their hair. However, it is not a reason to resign from doing such treatment. Coffee rinses provide excellent nourishing and strengthening effects. Of course, it is true that regular use of coffee in hair care and slightly darken the shade, but the effect is temporary and not as intense as one may think.

Coffee hair rinse works mainly due to the high amounts of caffeine in the grains. This natural stimulating substance does not only eliminate morning sleepiness but also accelerates skin micro-circulation. Nutrients are faster and better transported to the bulbs, therefore it strengthens hair and improves its overall condition.

Recipe for coffee hair rinse:

The preparation of coffee hair rinse is very easy. First of all, brew 2-3 teaspoons of coffee in a glass of boiling water. After 15 minutes drain coffee from the grounds and dilute the infusion with cooler water. Now, it is enough to apply the liquid on the hair. Use it regularly and the effects will be visible after a few weeks.

Best results will be obtained if you leave it on for several minutes. Therefore, it is advisable to soak hair in it. This way we allow to activate the effects of caffeine and it works much better than just pouring it over the entire hair.